by Marcello Catelli



Are you an art lover? Have you found a piece of art and you want to know if it looks great in your house? Do you dream of having a famous painting in your living room? Do you think of moving a painting to another room? If the answer is yes you need GALLARY, the App that allows you to take advantage of augmented reality to display images on a wall.



  • Pre loaded 20 timeless masterpieces
  • Import images from the library
  • Import images from the File App
  • Take a new photo
  • Integrated editor for a perfect cut of the picture
  • 3 types of frames: Poster, Classical, Modern
  • Supports gestures to move and scale paintings
  • Laser grid to visualize the walls detection
  • Capture a snapshot of paintings in augmented reality
  • Share the snapshot with friends
  • Sharing extension
  • Universal (iPhone and iPad)

Suitable for

  • Try a painting in your house before buy it
  • Play with famous paintings
  • Study famous paintings
  • Try if a painting looks great other rooms
  • Play with Augmented Reality
  • WOW effect with friend and family

The Art of AR

01 Davinci1
05 Raffaello1
06 Raffaello2
12 Vangogh2
15 Picasso1
16 Picasso2
02 Davinci2
03 Botticelli1
04 Botticelli2
07 Michelangelo1
08 Michelangelo2
09 Caravaggio1
10 Caravaggio2
11 Vangogh1
13 Manet1
14 Manet2
17 Kandinsky1
18 Kandinsky2
19 Kandinsky3
20 Klimt



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