by Marcello Catelli


get-time - a revolutionary timer

get-time is a revolutionary multi-timer because you can set some conditions that allow you to vary the time while the timers are running, this feature is like magic in the kitchen. You can also use it as a "manager" for time spent on your favorite activity, where you can set some conditions that allow you to gain/lose time, also to perfectly manage the activities of your children (like video games, or watching cartoons). Timers have a geo-log system where the changes have geolocation, you'll know when and where they were used and changed. Perfect for your outdoor fitness. Of course, you can use it as a normal (multi) timer.



  • Create multiple timers
  • Start multiple timers simultaneously
  • Vary the time while the timers are running!
  • Create unlimited conditions to gain/lose time!
  • Geolocation of events
  • Timers works in background without interruptions
  • Local notifications (when timer ends)
  • 20 Alarms
  • File based (exchange timers with other get-time users)
  • Universal App (works on iPhone and iPad)
  • iCloud support (sync timers across devices)
  • 3D Touch
  • Spotlight search (the timers are indexed in iOS)
  • Customizable interface (16 themes)

Suitable for

  • Kitchen
  • Work
  • Fitness
  • School
  • Family
  • Kids
  • Games
  • Whenever you need time management

Understand the "conditions"

The "conditions" is the feature that makes get-time a one of a kind Timer, look above at the two typical scenarios that will help you understand how the conditions can be used.



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