It's time to get rid of courses

After 7 years of courses I decided to stop and focus exclusively on the development of Apps and games. Together with my team of developers we are creating very interesting projects and will soon start developing the first game. Stay tuned ...

iOS Course Base level May tour

Just a week away from the May tour. This time I'll go to Rimini and Turin to teach the basics of iOS SDK + Swift to my new students. The last date of the tour is a live streaming from my office, so the tour closes softly. I'm very happy to go to Rimini because I'll go to the "Piadineria dalla Lella" restaurant, the best piadina on the planet! If you live or come to Italy go to Rimini and try it for yourself...

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iOS Course Intermediate level in live Streaming

Next week I'll go in live streaming to teach how to implement many iOS SDK frameworks such as ARKit, CoreML, Vision, Core Data, Core Spotlight and so on. This is our first course in "live stream" mode, I hope that the connection doesn't abandon us during the live! The secret for a smooth streaming is to use the good old ethernet cable, because the wifi connection is unstable.

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